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Dull Grey Steam Digital Code Global

Dull Grey Steam Digital Code Global

Note: This is the original product, not a gift pack or expansion pack, suitable for windows system.
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Product Description

In Dull Grey, experience the emotional story of a mother and son, free will and the search for happiness among foggy mountains and grey pipes.

You will be making the same choice again and again: who should the son become - a lamplighter or a tallyman? It may feel like the situation leaves you no choice at all, but if you take your time and think it over, you may just see your story in full colour.

Immerse yourself in a dramatic, dystopian visual novel like no other, with a thoughtful choice mechanic which appears simple but contains a lot of depth. Discover multiple endings and secret content - Dull Grey is designed to be replayed for the full experience.

-Experience the drama of everyday life in the context of a retro-futuristic world controlled by the Progress-program.
-An unusual choice mechanic that leads to an unexpected multitude of endings and hidden content.
-A visual style tracing back to early 20th-century Soviet art.
-Themes and narratives inspired by the works of Russia’s finest storytellers - the worlds of the Strugatsky brothers, Dostoevsky’s novels and Tarkovsky’s movies.
-A short but meaningful experience, designed to be replayed.