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Devil Spire Steam Digital Code Global

Devil Spire Steam Digital Code Global

Note: This is the initial version of the original product, not a gift or an extension, for Windows XP and up.
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Product Description

Devil Spire is a hardcore first-person pseudo-3D roguelite action RPG dungeon crawler stylized after retro PC games, developed by a guy and his bros while locked in quarantine. Inspired by classics like King's Field and Heretic.

- 24 weapon classes, including ranged and throwing ones, with real dual wielding!
- 48 unique spells, plus 48 equipment enchantments!
- 10 dungeon types, each with their own properties, enemies and bosses!
- 6 game modes, including a 100-floor gauntlet and a boss rush arena!
- Fully customizable, dynamic character portraits including exotic races!
- Many interactive objects like traps, barrels, crates, cards, shady characters and, of course, chests full of loot!
- A kick button!