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Dead Estate Steam Digital Code Global

Dead Estate Steam Digital Code Global

Note: This is the initial version of the original product, not a gift pack or expansion pack, suitable for Windows 7 or later systems.
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Product Description

Mild violence, Mild text, Mild adult themes.

Dead Estate is a gory, fast-paced, challenging, roguelike shooter, with a heavy emphasis on Halloween and other horror influences. Ascend the floors of a monster-filled mansion with 8 unique characters and collect loads of items and weapons, tackle grueling challenges, and discover many secrets and unlockables along the way.

Beware of the lurking threats on every floor -- some of them are especially persistent...

-8 playable characters, each with distinct playstyles and an alternate costume.
-Over 50 weapons, and 150 items to make each run unique.
-xplore the vast complexity of the Estate, complete with alternate floors.
-An isometric style, with compact room designs for tense, close-quarters combat.
-Optional Challenges to keep you on your toes.
-Difficulty levels, Looped runs, and other modes.
-A bounty of secrets to be discovered, and many more to be unlocked.

Controller support included, but keyboard + mouse is recommended for the best experience.