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Cute Bite Steam Digital Code Global

Cute Bite Steam Digital Code Global

Note: This is the original product, non-gift pack or expansion pack, suitable for windows system and SteamOS.
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Product Description

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For a vampire's loyal servant, a human kept alive beyond a natural lifespan by the power and magic of vampire blood, life is a matter of simple obedience... until misfortune befalls the vampire lord. To preserve your existence, you must awaken a new vampire mistress and re-establish the blood bond.

Unfortunately, during those long years asleep in a coffin, your vampire mistress shrank to child-size form! She has no memories, no magic, and a tendency to bite anything she can lay her hands on. In this condition, she won't be able to perform the blood bond!

Can you help her to regain her full power before your time runs out?

Your choices will shape the vampire's personality and determine the future that you share.

-Stat-raising gameplay. Balance the vampire's schedule to train skills and earn gold.
-Hunt targets to feed on in RPG minigame.
-Unlock advanced jobs and activities as skills increase.
-Interact with characters to learn their backstories.
-Uncover the secrets of the vampire's origins.
-Restore your mistress to her adult form.
-Over twenty different endings to collect.