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Creatura Steam Digital Code Global

Creatura Steam Digital Code Global

Note: This is the initial release of the original product, not a bonus pack or an extension pack, for 64-bit Windows 7/10, macOS and SteamOS.
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Product Description

In Creatura, design and take care of enclosed ecosystems full of animals and plants grown from scratch, using scientifically accurate natural/artificial selection and genetic engineering. Make an epic journey over epochs of evolution, from single cell organisms sharing water with algae, to complex animals living in lush gardens. Manage and recreate fully customizable vivariums, while carefully balancing biomes characteristics to sustain perfect ecosystems. Fulfil unique almanac with species yet to be discovered, and edit your own fauna & flora with authentic DNA editor, learning how modern tools and techniques like CRISPR and GMO work in detail.

- Use artificial selection to grow any possible plant out of billions of combinations, or utilize natural selection to breed unique animals, dependent on adapting to their environments.
- Learn how to edit DNA, understand concepts like genomes, codons & gene sequencing, and apply your own genetic engineering using the GCAT system and authentic DNA editor.
- Control the time to watch hundreds of plants and animals evolve in just seconds by utilizing up to 1000x time-lapse, in a highly optimized and smooth gaming experience.
- Manage a fully simulated virtual aquarium/terrarium. Grow plants to generate oxygen, use consumables and decorations to control pH, maintain humidity with temperature and water.
- Customize the tank stand, rims and lid, colors, shape the ground, water level, and decorate it with a wide range of unlockable rare parts and decorations.
- Grow and breed specimens until mutating the rare and unique variations to make your vivarium even more special, or to sell/trade them for great profit.
- Discover millions of possible plants and animals, name them, and be the first to put them in global almanac, as a part of your evolutionary research.
- Create the most visually stunning virtual bonsai aquariums/terrariums, in a relaxing and educational gaming environment without any fail conditions.
- Use or make your own texture packs (with Steam Workshop support) for even more unique experience.