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Climbey Steam Digital Code Global

Climbey Steam Digital Code Global

Note: This is the initial version of the original product, non-gift pack or expansion pack, suitable for Any i5/i7 or Ryzen 5/7, and VR.
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$ 9.99$9.99

Product Description

The goal is to climb to the finish as fast as you can, avoiding obstacles and trying not to fall along the way.

- Physics-powered climbing and jumping controls that are easy to grasp but hard to master!
- 15 built in intro levels!
- A level editor with full workshop support so you can create and share levels!
- Online multiplayer with up to 10 people, including workshop level support! Race your friends!
- Support for custom skyboxes! Set it to whatever you like!
- Optional comfort settings for the motion sick prone among you, floor dots, fov reduction and a spherical cage, more!