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Civilization VI Steam Digital Code Europe

Civilization VI Steam Digital Code Europe

Note:ONLY can activated and played in Europe. Digital Code, Instant Email Delivery.
  • PLATFORM Steam
  • REGION Europe
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Product Description

Warning: This is a restricted product and it can be activated and played ONLY in Europe.

Build civilisation from tiny village or settlement all the way up to political juggernaut – basically a digital boardgame in which you have to build your empire from scratch into a leader on the world’s stage through trade, deals, battles and much more.

The terrain affects your successes, with forest, desert and tundra all having their own advantages and disadvantages to the player, so you will need to adapt your game play to get the best out of the area in which you are playing.

You can now spread your city around a bit – previously all improvements to a city were stacked into the hex block on which the city was built.

Gives more scope for expansion and gives the player more freedom in the layout of their city

The new ‘unstacked’ way allows for cities to be better laid out, and players can earn bonuses for placing appropriate buildings in the right place – for example placing barracks near a training ground is a sensible decision, and is rewarded in the game

This is not to say that you can no longer stack items, but it is now somewhat limited and stacking can only happen with similar types of construction

The menus are displayed as ‘trees’ and there are trees for many aspects of the game, from Technology to Culture. The latter is new, and allows players to more easily win a game played from a cultural slant – something that was quite tricky in the original incarnation.