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CatMxn: Chapter 1 Steam Digital Code Global

CatMxn: Chapter 1 Steam Digital Code Global

Note: This is the initial version of the original product, not a gift package or an extension package, for 64-bit Windows 8.1/10.
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Product Description

There have been reports of cat murders in South-East Portland. No one knows if its a person or animal mutilating the cats.

Play as CatMxn a random guy who goes to sleep and enters a dream with new found abilities and is called to action by Cat Deities. When he wakes up his life is forever changed and something different is in the air. Why can he now understand what the cats are telling him. Is that a meow or a "help me"?

In this game you will:
- Harness the primal power of cats.
- Navigate the 2-D world as you try to go to work on time.
- Punch and transform into a cat to ultimately hunt down and attack BucketHead cat abuser.