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Bloopy Droopy Steam Digital Code Global

Bloopy Droopy Steam Digital Code Global

Note: This is the original product, not a gift pack or expansion pack, suitable for 64-bit windows7 or windows10 systems.
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Product Description

Bloopy & Droopy is a "Game Boy" fashioned platformer with over 15 levels divided in a total of 30 stages and 5 challenging bosses you'll have to beat with your skills! You will be playing as two characters: Bloopy & Droopy. When it comes to platforming, Bloopy does that very well! But when you'll need to drill, Droopy comes in and he'll help you a lot in your adventure!

Bloopy & Droopy are two best friends that love to explore space. But one day, when they discovered the planet they were heading for (The planet X-42), a terrible pirate known as Kurgos hit their spaceship! They then crashed on the planet on an unknown island where they'll need to get gather pieces of their ship and go back to their home.

-Game Boy retro feels and chooses between black and white or green aesthetic.
-Play as 2 characters and switch between them whenever you want.
-Jump and Double-Jump.
-Destroy the terrain by drilling through it.
-Explore 5 different zones with uniques biomes.
-Defeat challenging bosses.