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BALROG Steam Digital Code Global

BALROG Steam Digital Code Global

Note: This is the initial version of the original product, not a gift pack or expansion pack, and is suitable for Windows 10.
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Product Description

The dwarves have abandoned the ringing forges and roaring breweries of Vul Buhldar, and in their absence other, less savory things of the dark have taken up residence. The fortress remains sealed, its locks and bridges having been shut in a final act of defiance from the dwarves, turning what was once a proud citadel into a prison of brass and hewn stone. But mankind has always been easily lured by the promise of the unseen, and you are no different in this curiosity.

A strong sword arm is not all you will need, as you must have the cunning and wisdom to solve complex devices, slip past traps, and decipher the riddles of the dwarves in order to find what they have sealed within their fortress... and to ensure that there it remains.

Balrog is a classically inspired RPG adventure, taking influence from everything from Icewind Dale to Moria to create something new and inviting from the familiar old-school grinds. Balrog brings a tight and fun experience to both fans of the classics and new RPG players, putting its focus not on frustrating combat challenges or timing-based reflex but on good old-fashioned adventure and exploration.