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Andalia Steam Digital Code Global

Andalia Steam Digital Code Global

Note: This is the initial version of the original product, not a gift pack or expansion pack, suitable for 64-bit Windows 10.
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Product Description

Andalia is a fantasy real-time strategy game, created with diversity in mind, reflected by its amount of civilisations, biomes and resources.

Andalia draws heavily from other real-time strategy titles, yet offers its own spin on the classical RTS gameplay aswell as its own additions, which, among other things, would be:
- The existence of a parallel plane: The Underworld
- A large variety of resources.
- Regrowing flora. Trees can reproduce.
- Mines, quarries and underworld rifts can be infinitely mined for their resource.
- Houses produce taxes, acting as the primary source of gold.
- Walls can be manned with archers.
- Units gain experience in combat.
- Secret obelisks may be found and activated
- A neutral faction, The Hive, launches periodic attacks on all players.

There is a total of 5 civilisations to choose from, needless to say, all with their unique buildings and units. You may reach victory either by destroying all enemy players or by constructing a monument and holding it for 15 minutes.

You can play against the AI or compete online against other human players.

Please note that Andalia is a hobby project. It is possible that not every aspect of the game works as flawlessly as it should. However, I keep taking effort to address any issues that arise and I'm generally open to feedback.

Thank you very much for your interest!