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Age of Undead Steam Digital Code Global

Age of Undead Steam Digital Code Global

Note: This is the initial version of the original product, not a gift package or an extension package, and supports 64-bit Windows 10.
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Product Description

- On one hand, the powerful national armies are desperately trying to restore an order that now seems forever lost.
- On the other hand, there are the Infected or all those forms of life that have been infected by this mysterious living organism, which inexplicably seems to make intelligent choices in its actions.
- Finally, there are the Survivors: men and women forced to survive day after day, isolated inside the metropolis they used to call home.

Turn-based system:

In Age of Undead, Campaigns are turn-based, giving you all the time you need to make critical strategic decisions.
In each turn, you can recruit new armies, move them, start battles, build structures, call strategic supports, and take on side missions.

Real-time strategy:
Whether it's a quick battle or a campaign battle, it will be fought in full RTS style, letting you feel both the tactical responsibility and the oppressive presence of the enemy on the battlefield.
There is the possibility to slow down the passage of time and pause the game to have a calmer and more complete picture of the battle.

First Person Shooter:
Although Age of Undead is primarily a strategic game, the developers wanted to broaden the gaming experience.
Are you tired of managing hundreds of units and deciding everything yourself? There is no problem! Get comfortable and support your allies from above with some more or less conventional aircraft, hitting enemies relentlessly and opening the way for friendly troops!

- Finally, you can play as a "bad guy" - as an Infected - or as someone who has experienced the apocalypse first-hand - as a Survivor.
- 3 fully characterized factions with unique playstyles: the Army is great at medium-long range, the Infected are unstoppable in close combat, and the Survivors try to dominate the battlefield with unconventional weapons.
- Day/night cycle (optional): the Infected will become more lethal at night, while humans will need artificial lighting systems to see through the darkness.
- If you don't want to play an RTS the traditional way, you can play it as an ally that helps by providing close air support, managing tactical support, or boarding powerful "military" aircraft.
- When a battle starts during the Campaign, it will take place in the same biome of the hex where the defending army is present.
- Armies can have specializations that significantly change players' and AI's playstyle.
- You can decide your allies' behavior before starting a battle to align their actions to your combat strategy.

- Battles can involve up to 6 armies (1 player + 5 bots).
- The number of units on the entire battlefield is customizable but depends on the power of your computer; in fact, it can vary from a few hundred to several thousand.
- Many game parameters are customizable to have a less frustrating and more suitable gaming experience.
- Different types of battles and different types of campaigns.
The developers intend to increase the quality and quantity of the game modes, so the players' feedback is essential.
- Considering all the maps, battle types, factions, AI behaviors, their specializations, and their initial positions on the battlefield, Age of Undead tends to be much more replayable than other similar games.
- You can complete the Campaign by fighting very few battles manually; just knowing how to face an enemy by taking advantage of your numerical superiority is enough for victory!