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ARK: Extinction - Expansion Pack Steam Digital Code Global

ARK: Extinction - Expansion Pack Steam Digital Code Global

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Product Description

ARK: Extinction is a DLC pack made by Studio Wildcard, Instinct Games, Efecto Studios, and Virtual Basement LLC. It was published by Snail Games USA and Studio Wildcard on November 7th, 2018.

You have visited many different arks during your stay, but in Extinction, we go to the place where the story begins and ends, Earth. The once flourishing planet is now devastated and corrupted by Element, and it has all kinds of dangerous organic and technological creatures for you to tame and kill. You're a veteran Survivor now that has faced many dangers and survived them, but do you have what it takes to overcome the ultimate challenge that awaits on Earth? Can you take down the towering Titans that roam the land and complete the ARK cycle in order to save the future of Earth?

Experience a new and unforgiving area filled with ancient ruins that hint at long forgotten civilizations, corrupted and volatile creatures and stunning terrain. Explore this savage land and discover an abandoned technological metropolis that lies in the middle of everything.

ARK: Extinction has many organic and mechanical creature types that can be captured, tamed, or even crafted. Use swift robotic surveillance drones to scout the area you want to explore. Use highly advanced security bots to reach new areas by climbing and teleporting around the place. This DLC pack even allows you to construct your very own battle mech that you're able to pilot!

Use all kinds of new and unique items like the creature leash, or the taxidermy tools that you can use to decorate your homes with trophy mounts. Portable cryopods can be used to store and preserve your favorite creatures and carry them with you at all times. Tek bridges are at your disposal if you need to traverse over usually uncrossable gaps and make use of the highly advanced Tek gravity grenades to either pull your enemies to you or blast them away.

ARK: Extinction offers all kinds of new creatures, items, environmental anomalies, mesmerizing depictions of a corrupted Earth, the terrifying Titan enemies, and a closure of the game's storyline. Buy the DLC today and see what was the purpose of the ARK network!